John Vuli Gate Hitmakers Mapara A Jazz Arrested For Stealing A Song

John Vuli Gate Hitmakers Mapara A Jazz Arrested For Stealing A Song

In an interesting development, Mapara A Jazz pair who is responsible for the Amapiano hit song John Vuli Gate was arrested on Sunday. The pair of McMillan “Man Malaya” Nephawe and Leonard “Lenny Sbechu” Malatji was taken to Pretoria Central Police Station on Sunday for questioning regarding the theft of their breakout hit John Vuli Gate.

Fortunately for the pair, they were not held for long and they managed to make it in time for their Idols SA performance. The pair ended up at a police station for questioning after Scara Chilli Ya Baba opened a theft case against them. Scara Chilli Ya Baba is accusing Mapara A Jazz of stealing their popular Amapiano dance song John Vuli Gate.

Dominic “Matanta” Baloyi of Scara Chilli Ya Baba told Daily Sun that Man Malaya stole the song from his brother Ndivhuwo who is a member of Scara Chilli Ya Baba. He added that they did not expect the issue to go this far but they were left with no option after Mapara A Jazz refused to settle the issue politely. Dominic implicit that Mapara A Jazz wanted to collaborate with Scara Chilli Ya Baba as payment for stealing John Vuli Gate but he said they want their song back.

Dominic said: “”We didn’t expect it to go this far, but Mapara A Jazz are disrespecting and undermining us. We don’t want to collaborate with them. We’re only asking them to bring back our song. It belongs to us and we want them to stop acting like it’s theirs. They belong in jail because they are thieves. We just want back what we worked hard on, that’s it”.

Man Malaya’s brother Ndivhuwo said his brother must confess that he stole John Vuli Gate and bring it back to them. He further said they had spent a lot of money on the song to just let the matter rest. Pretoria Central cop shop spokeswoman, Captain Agustinah Selepe confirmed Mapara A Jazz were brought in for questioning and said they were released as the matter is still under investigation.

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