Jub Jub Shows Off His Daughter And Fans Are Not Happy

Jub Jub Shows Off His Daughter And Fans Are Not Happy

Uyajola 99 and You Promised To Marry Me, host, Jub Jub recently shared a snap of his daughter through his social media. Fans gushed over the snaps, which showed Jub Jub’s daughter kissing him on the forehead. Many of his fans were moved by this moment, taking to the comment section to show some love. However, some fans wished to see the Ndikhokhele hitmaker sharing the same moment with his son Christian, who he shares with singer Kelly Khumalo.


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Over the years Kelly has been open about her feelings towards Jub Jub being a father to their son Christian. The songstress mostly has nothing good to say about him. Chatting to Mac G a few months back on Podcast And Chill, she opened up about her two children.

“They are growing and obviously becoming individuals. It’s beautiful to watch and also very challenging because they are able to challenge me as a mother. I’ve raised quite confident two beautiful human beings. She said. “Is that person willing to be present?” Asked Kelly. “I’m not going to be the person to push someone to be a present father that they supposed to be. I’m not lacking anything, my son doesn’t lack anything. So I’m not going to be that person who runs after people as if I have to beg them to do what is right.”

Kelly added that Christian’s father never tried to reach out or to build some sort of relationship with their son. “So you saying his father hasn’t reached out yet? Asked Mac G. “No. Even salt does look like sugar sweetheart. If he doesn’t reach out what would you do? It requires a lot, she said. It requires owning up to past mistakes. It requires amending. Not just to me but to my family as well.” Replied Kelly Khumalo.

Jub Jub has been enjoying the success of his Nikhokhela Remix which has been well received by both the international and local audience. “Thank you soooooooo much AFRICA and the whole 🌎 for truly loving our 🎶…..NOT POSSIBLE WITHOUT YOU!!!!!!!!!”Wrote an excited Jub Jub.

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