Kelly Khumalo Speaks On Using Drugs [Terrible]

Kelly Khumalo Speaks On Using Drugs [Terrible]

Kelly Khumalo blasts following  some social media insulting her by digging up her past as a drug addict

Social media users went crazy this week when the singer Kelly Khumalo delivered a clear message to those who hate her, saying that they should relax

Kelly Khumalo addressed the social media users with a video of herself in the studio telling haters that they were barking but had no bite.

A naughty follower then asked Kelly if she is still on drugs, with reference to Kelly’s previous confessions of being hooked on drugs several years ago.

“I became a drug addict. Those are the repercussions of having money when you are young and not knowing what to do with it. I was in a bad space. I was in a bad relationship. I was not motivated at all. In fact, I became so hooked on drugs and I would forget about everything,” she told Sizwe Dhlomo in an interview in 2016.

Kelly fights back, sarcastically addressing the hater that she acquired it from their father.

When the users make an attempt to calm her down, Kelly told the haters that they are from Satan.

She also told  those urging her to calm down, to sit-stay out of this one

Kelly has announced before on the hatred she got, telling fans that hate has a habit of going back to its sender, adding that the more hate you give a person, the more blessed they are.

“We project so much hate towards others and forget that the very same hate is enough to drive God to open a flood of blessings towards those we spend so much energy hating on,” she wrote.

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