Khanyi Mbau 15 Year Old Daughter Alleged Pregnant

Khanyi Mbau 15 Year Old Daughter Alleged Pregnant

This year has been good to actress, entertainer, and mom of one Khanyi Mbau. She is featured in the Netflix film, Happiness Ever After and she recently announced that she will be joining season two of the popular telenovela, The Wife playing the role of Zandile, wife of Nkosana set to be released February 2022.

This year, she also won a Feather Award for Drama Queen of the Year, and she is traveling between Dubai and South Africa with her partner, Terrence Kudzai Mushonga. But while it’s mostly been good news for Khanyi (36), bad news and gossip come with being a high-profile celebrity.

It was recently reported and rumoured by some scandalous that her 15-year-old daughter Khanukani Mbau is allegedly pregnant. Shocked and furious at the lies, Khanyi has taken to social media to call out all those bullying her teenage daughter.

“I am not one to entertain gossip, especially from any gossip blog. I am never phased by anything said about me or my family, sadly it’s been a burden I have had to carry for years. Making fun of me has become a franchise,” she says.

“The most hurtful, false things have been said about me for over 18 years old. It’s been so bad that it’s taken away from my profession of being an actress and musician.”

Khanyi says she will speak up for her daughter. “But one thing I will not allow is my daughter being victimised and abused by a rumour started by a woman on Tik Tok @bigmmam9410 from of an innocent family video posted by Lasizwe,” she says.

“Hate me all you want, but @mbau2 (Khanukani) is my child. The fact that the first thought that comes to all your minds is that a child could be pregnant shows how sick a society we have all become.”

Khanyi went to address the high rape and GBV statistics that are on the rise in South Africa. “No wonder rape, child abduction, and abuse have become a norm and why stats are so high,” she says. “Our children are in danger, the energies we adults put out are vile and disgusting. We show no faith in them and don’t respect children.”

Furious Khanyi says, “No wonder kids are committing suicide. This is a form of cyberbullying and you are bullying a child! My child! And this needs to stop. Then we want to say AmA 2K have no respect! How when you as a grown folk treat them this way,” she adds.

Khanyi called out all the blogs that wrote the fake news.

“Blogs such as @surgezircsa / and a YouTube blog Teaworld are low for blogging about children and all the adults that have jumped on in amusement is disgusting! Come for me, I am in the game! My success has always had you all mad. But lay off my child with all this fake news! None of you had perfect bodies at 15, she is going through puberty and is a developing young girl!” she says.

This is not the first time pregnancy rumours are hitting the Mbau family. Earlier this year, social media followers suspected she might be expecting after spotting a picture of Khanyi in a mini sparkling silver dress. But she quickly clarified before the rumours got out of hand.

“I’m bloated, not pregnant bathong!” she said with a laughing emoji.

“Woooh family planning nurses out on the loose.”


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