King Monada Is Unable To Finish A Building House For His Two Wives

King Monada Is Unable To Finish A Building House For His Two Wives

After growing up in deep villages with no water and electricity, King Monada has decided to build a house there. Though, the situation at hand wouldn’t allow him to complete his dream home. It’s good to see that this young man isn’t only rushing fancy cars but he is also looking to secure not only his future but that of his kids as well.

King Monada HOUSE

The music star, who has two wives and five children has revealed that he’s building his family a six-bedroom house which is worth R1.5 million. However, he is facing challenges with completing the house as the country is under national lockdown, the big family project was meant to have been finished this month.

The house is centered right at Tzaneen, Limpopo in a village called Mokgolobotho, which to date has no water and electricity. But King Monada said he wasn’t worried about the water and electricity struggle in the village as he was confident he would be able to supply his family with such needs.

Besides not being able to complete his project, King Monada said the nationwide lockdown was proof the entertainment industry was not stable and he needed to invest in something valuable. “I decided to build this house because an artist’s lifespan is never guaranteed, so I needed to make sure that if anything happens to me or my career, my two wives and children would not suffer,” the singer revealed.


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