Kumkani Gadaffi Dumps Generations The Legacy For Queen Sono

Kumkani Gadaffi Dumps Generations The Legacy For Queen Sono

Actor Vuyo Dabula has confirmed that he is leaving Generations: The Legacy for good. Sources told Daily Sun that the leading actor on the SABC 1 telenovela, has decided to leave the show and focus on shooting the upcoming season of Netflix’s Queen Sono.

The actor who plays Kumkani ‘Gadaffi’ Phakade on Generations has become a fan favorite and was always described as the “thug in a suit.” According to the publication the producers of the show gave him an demand and asked him to choose between the soapie and Queen Sono.

Much to their surprise he choose the latter and will be leaving the telenovela very soon. Everyone at Generations was left frightened by his decision because they thought he would stay at Generations since it provides a more stable income. As opposed to Queen Sono which may or may not be further renewed after season two. A decision which will be determined by the success of the next season.

“They placed two options before him, either he chooses to stay with the show or goes to shoot the upcoming season of Netflix’s Queen Sono, but he chose to leave. “He made his decision earlier this month and will be leaving the show shortly,” a source told the publication.

Another source said, “It makes no sense for him to choose to leave a show that gives him financial stability. He is leaving behind a stable salary. We knew about the ultimatum he was given, but his decision came as a shock because he’s one of the lead actors on the show.”

It was further added that writers are now preparing for his exit storyline but it is not easy because they are preparing for the next season of Generations. Apparently Vuyo wanted to leave the soapie two years ago, and is using the Queen Sono opportunity as his exit plan.

“He’s been thinking of leaving and I guess now is the perfect time for him to leave. Being on Queen Sono is a big thing for him”


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