Lady Zamar Respond To Sjava Apology

Lady Zamar Respond To Sjava Apology

The Sjava vs Lady Zamar war took another turn, when Sjava decided to break his silence and share his side of the story, within hours Lady Zamar announced that she would be Live on Instagram with her own version of events, not before she threw shade at Sjava.

The singer then latter took to Instagram Live and detailed her experience with Sjava and her rape trouble, with his then-boyfriend. A clearly emotional Lady Zamar, tried her best to paint a picture of her experience but the comments section was heartbreaking.

 Some Tweeps have even gone as far as highlighting how Lady Zamar’s stories don’t match and it makes it difficult for them to conclude who is lying.

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Sjava Apologises To Lady Zamar For Hurting Her And Addresses The Rape


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