Lasize Is Heart Broken And Requests Prayers From Fans

Lasize Is Heart Broken And Requests Prayer From Fans

Media personality Lasizwe Dambuza, has shook many fans on social media with his latest post detailing how heartbroken he is. The energetic TV star penned an emotional post on Twitter, pleading with his fans to pray for him in order to overcome what he is going through.

It is no secret that the entertainment industry is known for not being for the weak hearted due to its changeability. Today you can be in a jolly mood and tomorrow you can be down, but many have risen against all chances, and taking a break sometimes helps you to deal with pressure you experience.

Lasizwe has also revealed that he has been swallowed by the fame monster. In a post Lasizwe said he has lost his true self and has become fake. Expressing how broken his heart the star asked for his fans to pray for him, because he needs prayer.

“I’ve lost my true authentic self! I have become fake and plastic! The fame monster has gotten a hold of me! What you can do for me is to pray for me! Honestly please pray for me! It would really help,” he wrote.

Lasizwe said he will delete all his social media applications to start on a clean slate “With that being said with immediate effect I am deleting all my social media applications and beginning a journey of self-discovery.”

Khanyi Mbau had warned Lasizwe before on his reality show Fake It Till You Make It that the fame monster has gotten him. This follows after their beef and Lasizwe’s post on Instagram indicating that he had purchased a house.

Speaking to Drum, Mbau expressed how distressed she is about Lasizwe lying “I‘m very upset at him for doing that; he lied – the apartment is a rental. He told Fresh that he bought it and he went onto the breakfast show to speak about it and it’s not true.”She added, “it’s not the first time he has pulled a stunt like this and we have warned him but he will learn and eventually grow to know that you can’t lie about something like this.”

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