#Learnpitori “Top 10 most popular Spitori slang”

#Learnpitori “Top 10 most popular Spitori slang”

So why did you break up?
English: we were just not meant for each other
Spitori: A re heh heh nna eng eng, kae kae mafatshen


English: He is critical but stable

Spitori: A osetse ka 1 bar./ wa vaya daemaan


English: He is the beneficiary to that money

Spitori: o ja spoko dae poi


English : she is HIV positive

Spitori: ona lemagama

English: She’s no longer beautiful

Spitori: Se wele!


English – That Skinny Girl Is Beautiful
Spitori – Tjuuuu Slenda By Nature 90 Degrees Perpendicular To The Ground Saaaaaan

English: I slept with her then I left her

Spitori: ke mmethile 10-0


English: let me eat
Spitori:ere ke zoze


English : He is talented hey
Spitori : ehh O masepa blind


English : It’s a Fake
Spitori : Ke Mpama Mfan

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