Lehasa Skeem Saam Comes Out Of The Closet

Lasizwe and Skeem Saam actor Cedric Fourie are a couple

Lehasa Skeem Saam Comes Out Of The Closet

Skeem Saam star Cedric Fourie has actually broken his silence out on the social media sites, shocking news that blew out after his presence with Lasizwe Dambuza at the Awards.

The couple heated up the pink when they postured for images with each other.

Yoh! How fans reacted on social media sites you would certainly have believed Cedric had actually passed away. His Instagram comments was full of massages concerning exactly how “depressing” it was that he was gay as well as just how it was a “waste” of an excellent guy.

After 3 days of seeing the responses to the breeze, Cedric required to Twitter on Sunday to share just how the experience had actually educated him a great deal.

He additionally slapped back at those calling him a waste, informing them that they never ever stood an opportunity anyhow.

” Gay males are being called ‘waste’ by some bitter females that have actually simply understood they’ll never ever have them. As if they would certainly have them if they were not gay.”

He stated regardless of the reaction he would certainly not transform or stop sustaining the LGBTQI+ area.

” I will certainly never ever quit being an ally to the LGBTQI+ area ninyile,” he claimed.

He stated the problem was not concerning his sexuality, however the means individuals were being dragged for that they were.

” Allow’s not concentrate on what everyone’s ideas have to do with ME. This is larger than me, this is larger than your ideas. This has to do with that a person boy/girl that’s being dragged in the rain gutters and also being melted for that he/she is. Allow the emphasis get on that concern and also others comparable to those.”

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