Look Inside Skeem Saam Sthoko Baby Shower

Look Inside Skeem Saam Sthoko Baby Shower

Millicent Mashile has given birth to her bouncing baby girl! The now mother of three had her boys with her as they all welcomed their newest family member. Kganya Mashile, their baby girl was born on the 25 of November and the bundle of joy received a very warm welcome from her brothers who looked very overjoyed to welcome her child.

In true celebrity mom style, Kganya Mashile already has her very own Instagram page and she has managed to gain over 4K followers in just a few hours. Millicent received a lot of congratulatory messages from her followers and we honestly cannot wait to see the bundle of joy.

When she made the pregnancy announcement, she and her twin sister, Skeem Saam actress Innocent Sadiki, confused the people by not clarifying who exactly is pregnant between the two. But Millicent let the cat out of the bag and announced that she was the one expecting. She revealed her pregnancy when she was 6 months in. “6 months ago God put a big smile on my face. We are happy to announce that we are expecting our 3rd bundle of blessing. I feel so blessed, to God be the Glory,” she wrote.

Millicent also gave birth to twin boys and they have been with her since the start, “Say Hello to the newly appointed Big Brothers. My boys have made this journey so beautiful, I am treated like a queen. God has really blessed me with the most loving & affectionate children. It was a pleasure for me to say YES to their request for a younger sibling.” She wrote.

During her gender reveal, Millicent said her husband is/was over the moon with their pregnancy, and that they are finally welcoming a baby girl into the mix. “Honestly I didn’t create any expectations. Because I really wanted the moment to be real. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, I wanted to be equally happy because a baby is a blessing.” She said.

“I enjoyed my gender reveal. I enjoyed my day. It just feels like I literally just found out that I’m pregnant. And my sister made it so special. I’m so happy that my husband is happy. Honestly, I just feel like when you have two boys, you must have a girl. So they had that thing and I didn’t really like it. So for me guys, it was like, even if I had a third boy I’d be okay.”

Millicent had to go through a painful ordeal some months back when she lost her mother-in-law. We are hurt & broken, how do we say goodbye to you. How? We are struggling. You promised to be around to meet your first granddaughter” she wrote.

“Nothing could have prepared me for your loss… I saw & felt your motherly love. Thank you for welcoming me into your home 11years ago, you took me in as daughter in love, not in law. I always said you & the boys defined what love between a grandma & grandkids is.”


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