Makhadzi Posted A Heartbreaking Message On Being Bullied For Her Looks

Makhadzi Posted A Heartbreaking Message On Being Bullied For Her Looks

Its true there is a lot that we might not know about Makhadzi, the least we can do is to try to get those wonderful things about her and build our lovely celebrity than to bully her. That is just people for you, you do something good, they look for something you didn’t do right. You look beautiful, they concentrate on the ugly part of you. You say wonderful things, they look for where your tongue slipped. This world is filled with the vibe of hatred and jealousy.

The Limpopo born star is tired of being bullied about her looks. She taken to social media to address this matter. “Accepting myself and my looks help me to gain more confidence. I was one of the student who used to be judge and bulled about my looks and my home background. Let me tell u, is not something one can get used to” said Makhadzi

“It can damage u if u are not strong,  it can create a fear of not raising ur voice, it can also makes u feel like u r not human being, u feel like worlds doesn’t deserve u cos everyone is complaining about your look. Accepting my look help me to gain a lot of confidence, now I can perform in front of thousand people without fear, but it was not easy.”

“Anyone who tells me about my looks , is like a joke because besides my looks there is a lot that you can say about me. but you choose to talk about my looks  cz you are HATER… ! I don’t have time to entertain haters and jealous people anymore … khavhasoko tshelwa vhevhothe hanefha kha Facebook”. She concluded.

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