Makhadzi’s Video Goes Viral Playing With A Man Anaconda On Stage Again

Makhadzi’s Video Goes Viral Playing With A Man Anaconda On Stage Again

Makhadzi never stops to amaze us and her drama is just too much for Mzansi to handle. Well in the wake of SAMA’s awards snub the Limpopo-based star musician is trending for the wrong reasons.

A  live video of Makhadzi dancing while playing with another man’s manhood has been making trends. This time around it’s not her energetic performances and all but she did the unthinkable.

 Makhadzi has a song in Venda which talks about a man’s anaconda. The energetic performer has now been embroiled in a harassment trend again after a video of her touching a man’s anaconda on stage surfaced. The video has since flooded social media platforms and Makhadzi is trending.

However little is known about the viral video and when it was taken. But it seems as if Mzansi is not having none of it and it’s a big blow for the star singer who has since Twitter trolls taking a swipe on her..

Many felt if roles were reversed and it was a man was touching a woman, there would be a backlash, no matter the connotation of the song.

However, social media users have since lashed out at Makhadzi’s behavior. Mzansi has weighed into the matter with its two cents and many have it that it’s s_exual harassment. Despite the Twitter wars, Makhadzi’s supporters have it that there is nothing wrong with the video and Makhadzi always asks for volunteers and tells them what she will be doing.

Well, this is not the first time she has been implicated in a s_xual harassment scandal. Last year the same thing happened in Botswana where she was performing. According to a Botswana publication, the unidentified man was called by the Matorokisi hitmaker on stage so he could showcase his dance moves.

Other unverified reports claim that the man who was visibly drunk went on to touch the backside and the upper body of the singer. Fans who attended the show were left begging for more after the steamy show-down. Here are some of the comments that flooded the comment section.

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