Makhosazana on Imbewu Is Also Ngcolosi’s Daughter?

Makhosazana on Imbewu Is Also Ngcolosi’s Daughter?

The son Zimele Bhengu married to Nokubonga Zulu turned into infertile so the mom in law Mandlovu determined to allow her other son Shongololo to impregnate her daughter in law Mazulu for the sake of her son who is infertile. The secret changed into later discovered and Zimele became made aware that the kids he thought had been his are not.

As the display went through we have been introduced to new characters Nkululeko and Thokozile mother and son who got here to our monitors and shake matters up. It was found that Nkululeko is Zimele’s biological son. Thokozile began together with her obsession with Zimele reminding MaZulu that she become loved by way of Zimele.

Viewers of the series understood that Nkululeko is Zimele’s son and warned as much as the concept of the truth that Nkululeko is the only seed (Imbewu) that Zimele had. As quickly as the two had a father and son dating, Thokozile killed Zimele. It was then found that Zimele had left his inheritance on Nkululeko and left nothing for his wife Mazulu.

During the funeral that was held for Zimele a girl confirmed up and viewers had thought she became one in every of Ngcolosi’s girlfriends. She later explained that she had never met the person however the guy had paid for tuition and she is thankful so she desired to pay him respects. Fast forward the Fikile began working for Zimele’s organisation Maluju oil and were given right into a relationship with Nkululeko.

It became currently revealed that Fikile is likewise Zimele’s daughter. She could not bear and manage the information because she became in a dating with Nkululeko. She drowned herself. Now viewers are stressed as to how come all of a surprising Ngcolosi can bare his very own kids. What exactly happened for him to not be able to naked youngsters with his spouse.

The display introduced new characters along with Makhosazana played via former Scandal Actress Lusanda Mbane who additionally performs a villan on Imbewu. Viewers started concluding that she may also at a later level find out that she is Ngcolosi’s daughter.

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