Man Beaten To Death By Police For Drinking Beer At His House

Man Beaten To Death By Police For Drinking Beer At His House

The police and soldiers are killing people in order to keep them safe from the pandemic. In order to keep one safe, the state security when they come across people moving around in breaking with the lockdown they beat them up. A family has been left in grief and mourning after their loved one was definitely beaten to death by soldiers and the JMPD.

It is reported they spotted a glass of what they suspected to be alcohol and used their training skills to jump into the yard with one purpose to discipline someone for having decided to drink regardless of the lockdown. According to the now deceased’s brother Khosa when they got into the yard, the state security forces began beating the man accusing him of overdoing drinking during the lockdown.

They asked him why he was breaking the law by drinking during the lockdown. Khosa (44) from Alexander said the incident took place at around 6 and added that he won’t find peace and rest till justice is served. He told Daily Sun that they did not only beat up his brother Collins Khosa (40) but his girlfriend too.

“As they were beating up my brother, his girlfriend started questioning them why they beating her boyfriend up, she also got a beating,” he said.

The girlfriend Nomsa Monisha (30) was left in tremor and disappointed as she tries to come to terms with what happened. She is left with unanswered questions. If this kind of rowdy behavior is allowed for law enforcement. According to her, the boyfriend told her he wasn’t feeling well, he went to sleep and never wake up again.


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