Meet Natasha Thahane’s  Bundle Of Joy

Meet Natasha Thahane’s  Bundle Of Joy

Natasha Thahane’s bundle of joy has arrived but judging from her social media posts, it seems as though the baby has been around for weeks. Actress Natasha Thahane has recently become a mom for the first time and she looks stunning as ever. The beauty influencer put her followers on a guessing game when she posted a picture of her looking stunning and no baby bump.

In the picture she is wearing a crop top and grey sweat pants with a white gown. While many were struggling to guess whether the picture is from before her pregnancy or after. But the hairstyle looks like the same one she had from her baby shower.

With not too many words, Natasha did reveal that her bundle of joy has arrived. Taking to her IG stories she posted a throwback picture of her shortly after giving birth and the time stamp on it is 24 April.  In another video, Natasha is with her family enjoying some dinner and as the camera pans to her, she is seen breastfeeding her baby.

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