Meet South African Rappers Accused Of Selling Their Souls

Meet South African Rappers Accused Of Selling Their Souls

It is thought that selling one’s soul is the best way to achieve many of one’s life goals. The most surprising thing about this is that the people who are always accused of selling their souls are the rich, not the poor. What is the point of a rich person giving up their soul? In this essay, we will only talk about a few South African celebrities who have been accused of giving up their souls for money and fame.


South African rapper Refiloe Maele Phhoolo goes by the stage name Cassper Nyovest. He is also a record producer, an entrepreneur, and a rapper. When people start falsely accusing you of wrongdoing in order to make money, you have reached the top of wealth. Nyovest released his first album a few years ago. Since then, he has become one of the country’s best rappers and has a big following. He started a lot of businesses that are still going strong today. As of a few months ago he only started selling alcohol, but he says it’s been a hit.

As a result, some South Africans think that he is the victim of hidden forces that are making him successful. This is what Cassper Nyovest should have done even if these accusations were true. Even if they were true, he should have said so right away. Some people said that Cassper Nyovest should use his money while he still could. Cassper said that he prays for his future success.

Fifi Cooper

Fifi Cooper is the stage name of Refilwe Boingotlo Moeketsi, who is better known as Fifi Cooper. Her name is Fifi Cooper. She is a South African musician who is best known for her work as Fifi Cooper. Fifi Cooper started out as an R&B singer. In 2010, she showed off her musical flexibility with the release of “Chechela Morago,” a rap song that went to number one on the charts. She has now made a lot of money as a recording artist. As a young actress, Fifi Cooper was thought to be a member of the Illuminati in 2015, when she was just beginning her career in movies.

Many people think she was wearing headgear with an illuminated sign to get attention for her charitable organization. Fifi disputed the charges right away and asked, “What’s the problem with illuminate?”

Thulo Boity

People in South Africa know her as “Boity.” She is a well-known rapper, actor, businesswoman and model in her own country. Boitumelo Thulo is known as “Boity.” Those in the unusual have also said that the = rapper is a member of the group. Following the exact number of Instagram followers that the rapper had, it was found that the number 666 is linked to the well-known lighting company.

They started accusing Boity of being a fad member right away when one of them saw. The rapper didn’t say sorry when these accusations were made against him.

Anatii Bhongo Mnyango. 


Anatii is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer from Johannesburg, South Africa. He is also known as Anatii. In addition, Anatii was accused of giving his soul to the devil in exchange for light. This happened after a music video came out that said he made the cult’s symbol, which he said he didn’t do. However, reports, blogs, and tweets say that Anatii did not deny the charges outright, but he didn’t deny them all.

Emily Mthumbeni Ndevu

Emtee is a rapper from South Africa who is best known for his work in the hip hop genre. He goes by this name professionally. Illuminate is said to have tried to sell the rapper’s soul for money. Former friend Cruz African made the claims, and he said that Emtee had given up one of his friends for money and fame.

Several other South African celebrities, including DJ Fresh and Black Coffee, have been accused of selling their souls in the past.

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