Menzi Ngubane In Real Life:  Age, Wife, Daughters, Wedding, Cars, Career Awards And Net-worth

 Menzi Ngubane In Real Life;  Age, Wife, Daughters, Wedding, Cars, Career Awards And Networth

Menzi Ngubane is one famous name that is hardly missed when the list of the most famous actors in South Africa is brought to the table. He was born 4th of September 1964 in Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal. He is turning 56 years old later this year. He is one of South Africa’s most famous actors, best known for playing the role of Sibusiso Dlomo on one of South Africa’s soap operas, Generations, for eleven years, from 2003 to 2014. Ngubane has also played numerous roles in other South African TV shows. Ngubane joined the cast of television drama series Isibaya, playing a taxi firm manager with a doubtful past. Ngubane has also appeared in a number of South African films including How to Steal 2 Million.

Menzi Ngubane Wife

menzi ngubane wife

The actor first married Lerato Sedibe. However, the two separated in 2014. Then the expert actor married his ex Sikelelo Sishuba in Kagiso on the West Rand. The traditional wedding of Sikelelo and Menzi was nothing but wonderful.

Menzi Ngubane Daughters

menzi ngubane daughter

He is the father of two daughters. His firstborn is Siya who is now 22 years and the lastborn Ziyanda who is 11years. The father of two really loves his daughter very much. Ngubane recently posted a photo with his daughter on Instagram. The photo was taken on a graduation day.

On the other hand, when fake news that Menzi Ngubane daughter had given birth twins, most people could not help but point out that the expert actor was now a grandfather. Others who never knew that actor had a daughter took to their social media platforms in search of Menzi Ngubane daughter pictures. The dapper actor, however, came out to address this drama. He pointed out that he was not a grandfather since the young girl claiming to be his daughter was not his child. The actor acknowledged that he separated with the daughter’s mother, Lerato Sedibe a long time ago and was not aware of the circulating drama.

Menzi Ngebane Wedding

The traditional wedding of Sikelelo and Menzi was nothing but wonderful. The décor, the attire, and the events of the wedding were admirable. Menzi had worn ibheshu, which is a traditional Zulu garment including of cowhide. More exciting was his entrance. Family, friends, associates, and neighbors of the couple had come out to support the two.

They were ululating as Sikelelwa stood in front of the Ngubanes steel gate, as the actor and his backup sang traditional Zulu songs regulated to the entrance from the main house. From the beautiful pictures of the wedding of Ngubane and Sikelelo, it is obvious that this occasion was colorful and joyful.

Menzi Ngubane Career

The talented man began his career in 1987 he was only 23 years old, on the network show known as Kwa Khala Nyonini. By the second season, the actor has increased to fame due to the popularity of his fantastic acting skills. Over time, the actor has anticipated several parts of the popular South African TV shows. These shows include Yizo Yizo, Ashes to Ashes, Gold Diggers, and Heist. Since 2015, this great actor has been starring as Detective Nkonzo Mazibuko in Ashes to Ashes.

menzi ngubane

The actor joined Generation 2003, he was playing a famous role of Sbusiso Dlomo, and he played the role for almost eleven years. He stole many hearts of South Africa during that time. This role made him a star however, in 2014 he decided to leave the show.

The extraordinary television personality later joined Isibaya. He was one of the cast members and was playing a taxi firm supervisor with a very questionable past. His role has made him one of the most idolized Isibaya actors.

In addition to featuring in this favourite television show, this gifted man has made appearances in other films and television shows. He has appeared in How to Steal 2 Million. The actor also appeared in the 2004 movie Country of My Skull starring Samuel L. Jackson and Juliette Binoche

Menzi Ngubane Awards

Ngubane has won multiple awards and has been assigned to various South African Film and Television gifts. Among the awards, he has won the Avanti Award for Best Actor for his starring role in the hit television show uBambolwami.

 Menzi Ngubane Cars

menzi ngubane

The Isibaya cast member gifted his wife a luxurious Mercedes Benz car. The lavish car and expensive gifts left so many people assuming that Menzi has an impressive net worth that must be close or higher than a six-digit figure. It has also made most people believe he has one of the most profligate homes.

Menzi Ngubane Net Worth

Menzi Ngubane estimated net worth as of 2019 is US$66 Million. His source of wealth is from his professional acting career. It was once revealed that the actor in Generation was earning R100k.

menzi ngubane


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