More Fire As MaNtuli Still Running Away From Meikie.

More Fire As MaNtuli Still Running Away From Meikie.

Miekie and Mantuli just gave Skeem Saam fans a Monday night to remember. The Monday night episode is described by viewers as the writers’ award-winning creation. Keneilwe Mokaba wrote, “I even video called my younger sister so we could watch it together as they had load shedding.

The most appetizing part of the Monday night episode was the scene that closed the Friday night chapter when Meikie caught Mantuli and Maputla in a “secret meeting.” This dramatic scene left the viewers hanging and wondering how the duo will talk themselves out of the situation.

While the two were explaining themselves to Meikie with the interference of Ouma the guard. Mantuli saw an opportunity to flee the scene and go for hiding. “I think it’s my time to go home,” Mantuli said as she ran away. As Meikie said “You are not going anywhere” to Mantuli, she was already going down the corridor leaving Meikie with her husband.

Knowing how dangerous Meikie can be when her family is threatened Mantuli went to seek refuge at her friend’s house. “Koloi where is the key for this door, this door must always be locked, and don’t tell anyone that I’m here,” Mantuli said as she rushed into Ouma’s room.

Meikie who was furious at the time went to straight Mantuli’s house after leaving Maputla at work. After storming into the house with anger she demanded Mantuli from her children who were shocked. “Where is your mother?” She shouted and started turning the house upside down while the children stood there very frightened.

The fans who like Mantuli had this to say about her situation; “I am breathing through the wound on behalf of Mantuli,” Jabu Maduna posted on social media. “Ouch, there is no more Mantuli kai one, the truth is Meikie kai one,” Abraham Sello commented.

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