Mshoza’s Husbands And Love Life Questioned, She Had Three Husbands

Mshoza’s Husbands And Love Life Questioned, She Had Three Husbands

Mzansi woke up to the shocking news of the death of popular Kwaito musician Mshoza. Many might not know that Mshoza had been married three times since her first marriage to Mpumalanga businessman Jacob Mnisi in 2007.

Mshoza first got married in 2007 to businessmen Jacob Mnisi. It was Jacob who called off the wedding in 2011. He accused Mshoza of abusing her. According to Jacob, he had suffered abuse in his four year marriage to the hot Mshoza.  “I am being abused and I am tired of being quiet. I am an unhappy man”, Jacob Mnsisi was quoted at the time before their divorce.

The Kortes hitmaker then walked down the aisle with Durban businessman Thuthukani Mvula in 2017. But that union collapsed after the singer claimed that Mvula had physically abused her. Mshoza, detailed how shortly after they wed, her husband (Thuthukani Mvula) changed, adding that she felt as though his newfound fame went to his head. Not only did he start doing more public appearances and interviews, he started using her star power to attract girls.

She went on to reveal that this was not the first time she had experienced abuse at the hands of a husband, claiming that her first husband, Jacob Mnisi had also abused her.

In February of 2020, Mshoza tied the note with East Rand businessman Prince Dlamini at a Home Affairs office in Joburg in a low-key ceremony attended by close friends and relatives on February 13.

The married couple were now living together in Vonveld Park on the East Rand. News that Mshoza got joined to Dlamini was revealed by a friend of Mshoza’s mother-in-law Dudu Nkosi. “She was so excited she told me that she was proud to be Mshoza’s mother-in-law,” said the friend.

The friend said Dlamini had asked that their marriage be kept under wrap because not only is he a wince violet, he also does not want their union to become scandalous food. “Also, he is in the logistics business, so he doesn’t want unnecessary attention that will defocus him from his business,” said the friend.

Nkosi confirmed that the songstress was her makoti. “They got married in February this year at Home Affairs. We are planning to do two legs of traditional weddings for them, the first one in Soweto and the other in Thokoza at my in-laws,” she said

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