Muvhango Actor Mulalo Open Up About Hard Childhood Background

Muvhango Actor Mulalo Open Up About Hard Childhood Background

Sydney Ramakuela (33), who plays the character of the stubborn city hall leader Mulalo Mukwevho on the SABC2’s soapie Muvhango , brings reality into acting. The Venda-born star was raised by a single parent alongside his three sibling. He began acting while still in grade school where he was an individual from a network theater gathering. In secondary school, he was additionally associated with a radio dramatization for Phalaphala FM.

After he registered in 2006 he was unable to advance his examinations because of financial requirements. In any case, Duma ka Ndlovu, who is the maker of Muvhango, acted the hero and transformed himself generally advantageous. “My mom was a road seller selling foods grown from the ground so I was unable to go to college. In any case, in 2007 when they were doing tries out for Muvhango, Duma needed to watch our locale play and that is the place he saw me,” shares Sydney. “He extended to me an employment opportunity on condition that I returned to class.”

Sydney turned out to be essential for Muvhango that very year and in 2008 he selected for a direction the executive’s course at Unisa and he is currently doing his B.Tech. The entertainer says being on Muvhango is a gift. “At the point when I originally arrived I was the most youthful of all; I was just 19 years of age,” says the entertainer. “I met individuals whom I respected on TV and they energetically invited me as one of their own which I despite everything appreciate.”

With all the abilities that he has gained from different entertainers, Sydney in spite of everything returns to his old neighborhood to enable youngsters who are still aspect of the network theater. “I generally recollect where I return from and providing for the network is something that I love doing,” he says. Apart from that, Sydney is likewise the manager of a security organization called Thizram. Some of the time he additionally assists with coordinating plays at the network theater which is something he appreciates doing.


Sydney says growing up without a dad was a difficult for him. Since he has a six-year-old girl, he needs to be the dad he never had for her. “I love being a dad. It is testing some of the time, yet I generally make the best out it. My desire is to turn into the best dad to my little girl,” he says. He says that his girl has become his need throughout everyday life, including that he accepts unequivocally in family. Despite the fact that he didn’t have that warm childhood with the two guardians around, he would even now love to manufacture that for his little girl. “I couldn’t imagine anything better than to get hitched one day and have my own family. I couldn’t imagine anything better than to do all the things I didn’t have for my kids,” he says.

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