Muvhango: Azwindini Will Finds Mpho In Bed With Tenda And Mpho Will Choose Tenda Over Adzwindini

Muvhango: Azwindini Will Finds Mpho In Bed With Tenda And Mpho Will Choose Tenda Over Adzwindini

Azwindini reminds us of that principal’s son in high school who always got away with everything and throws his toys away when things don’t go his way. The only man that has been able to deal with him is Tendamudzi Mudau who is currently sleeping with his wife, under his nose.

Remember that Azwindini slept with Tenda’s wife and impregnated her. When Tenda’s late brother heard what the act of betrayal towards his brother, he murdered Azwindini’s son, but that wasn’t enough revenge for Tenda. He further pursued his expertise for revenge and seduced his youngest wife Mpho  into sleeping with him, and true to plan – they’re still having a blustered affair.

Mpho will choose Tenda over Azwindini because she makes Tenda a better man. Look at how she convinced him to sell his Qalabosha shares? Tenda might have started the relationship to create chaos in the royal house, but he’s fallen in love with Mpho, and vice versa.

Mpho loves Tenda’s apathy and success. She loves that he’s all about her; he’s not a polygamist like her husband. When Azwindini finds them in bed, Tenda won’t feel an iota of remorse or guilt because…#payback. Mpho on the other hand, will apologize for her mistake and lie to him with the usual and expected ’ it only happened once’ and I love you more brutal dialogue.

Due to the acknowledgment that Azwindini has always been a selfish freak who sees nothing wrong with cheating on his wives because men have needs, he won’t be able to forgive her. He’ll divorce her and may dedicate himself to one woman for a change.

There’s also another person who will be more upset and angered by Mpho and Tenda, Dee. Tenda’s baby-mama, Dee is Mpho’s friend. She will throw a rage and threaten to take Tenda’s son from him…obtain full custody, which will not be successful.

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