Muvhango: Here Is Why Imani and James Won’t Last

Muvhango: Here Is Why Imani and James Won’t Last

Muvhango’s Imani has broken up another couple on the show and tweeps have had enough of her. This is the third couple that Imani “the homewrecker” is wrecking. Here is a timeline of all the friends and family she has backstabbed to get the man she desires:


We were first introduced to Imani a few years ago as Thandaza Mukwevho’s cousin, played by The River’s Sindi Dlathu. Imani fooled everyone, including her aunt and Thandaza because she seemed so sweet and so innocent, then all that changed when she had an affair with Ranthumeng Mokoena, Thandaza’s second husband. It didn’t stop there, she got pregnant by Ranthumeng and Thandaza’s marriage completely fell apart.

Although fans were disappointed by her betrayal towards the leading character, Thandaza, they forgave her because it was her first offence. When Thandaza left the show for The River, she and Ranthumeng got married. But that marriage didn’t last because Ranthumegng lost interest of her and cheated on her as well.


She then got into another relationship with Seretse who was her other cousins (Gugu) love-interest. Seretse had his eyes on Gugu but Gugu was playing hard to get. Instead of playing far away from her cousin’s possible boyfriend, she started seeing him behind Gugu’s back and got into a relationship with him.

By the time Gugu showed interest and developed feelings for Seretse, Imani and Seretse had already fallen for each other and were in a relationship. When Gugu showed interest in him, Seretse didn’t reject her and started dating both cousins which resulted in Gugu and Imani’s relationship going sour.

Seretse and Imani eventually broke up when Imani realized that she would never be happy be happy with her cousin’s love-interest. Seretse left the show and Imani fell in love with Sechaba years later who died in a car accident.


Imani’s latest betrayal was the worst because she’s been through this road before. Third time is not a charm and it will only end in tears! James was recently engaged to Marang for over a year. Marang cheated on KK with James and James cheated on Modiehi with Marang. So, perhaps that relationship was not meant to be either.

But Imani and James won’t last either because their relationship is built on Marang’s tears. Marang Crying On Her Wedding Day…

Though Imani and James have tried to be together before Marang even joined the show, though they’ve been great friends throughout the years, they are both incompetent of being in a stable relationship because they’re always looking for the next high. Their history has taught us that they’re liars, manipulators and selfish.

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