Muvhango: Kutlwano And Pinkie Will Murder Matshidiso

Muvhango: Kutlwano And Pinkie Will Murder Matshidiso

The Mulaudzi fairy tale is about to end now that Kutlwano has found Matshidiso again. I believe it was dodgy and strange of her to give away R5 million just like that, and I was right. We know that Matshidiso would sell her own mother for money because she gave Kutlwano fake money. It’s so weird that he fell onto that money for so long and never spent it or realized it was fake until now. She’s going to try to get the recording from Kutlwano because she doesn’t want her relationship with KK to end.

Kutlwano (Lehasa Moloi) is threatening to expose her to KK…he’s got evidence that proves that she had an active hand in poisoning him. We’ve seen how changeable and crazy Matshidiso has been in the past; like the time she hired a hitman to steal KK’s money.

It’s going to get crazier! She’s going to actually ask Kutlwano and Pinkie to kidnap her, so that KK can pay the R5million ransom. Obviously, she’s just doing this because she doesn’t want her deceitful acts coming to the public eye.

Her plan is not as full proof as she contrived – Kutlwano may refuse to release her. KK will go on board on a manhunt searching for her and when he eventually finds her; both of their lives will be in danger. They’re going to be trapped in a shack, in a fire and Matshidiso won’t make it out alive.

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