Muvhango Review: Why Azwindini Won’t Let Mpho Go

Muvhango Review: Why Azwindini Won’t Let Mpho Go

Chief Azwindini Mukwevho has always had his way with women, until now. This is the first time since the beginning of Muvhango that a woman he loves, betrays him, and will leave him.  Fans are extremely excited about the current storyline because there are sick-to-death-tired of Azwindini’s constant winning streak with women.

They’re more excited than his enemy; Tenda is finally getting his revenge and rubbing it in Azwindini’s face.  Azwindini doesn’t want to let Mpho go because; he’s always loved her more than she loves him. He took Mpho from his Sangoma; Mulumisi and now Tenda has taken Mpho away from her.

Viewers of the show are also asking for Mulumisi back to get more clarity into Mpho’s pregnancy. Azwinidini was told by Mulumisi that the ancestors wouldn’t give them a child together, but fans figure that Mulimisi put some spell on Mpho so that she couldn’t fall pregnant with his child.

They also want to see Mulumisi’s reaction when he finds out that Mpho is pregnant with Tenda’s child.  Mpho will file for divorce towards the end of the year and she’ll eventually get back together with Tenda. This will be a very hard pill to swallow for the womanizing; Azwindini.

His mother; Vho Masindi and his first wife; Suzan will be happy about their divorce because they’ve never really liked Mpho from the beginning.  Azwindini loves Mpho more than Suzan because Mpho is exactly like him. He also knows that Mpho is too good for him and she deserves better than him.

Mpho has never been able to process the fact that she’s Azwindini’s second wife because she’s not a fan of polygamy.  She requested her own house because she’s always wanted Azwinindi to herself…she’s always wanted to be the only wife.

This is a great outcome for her and Tenda as they are soul mates.


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