Mzansi Left Speechless After Kelly Khumalo Drops A Bombshell On Cyril Ramaphosa

Mzansi Left Speechless After Kelly Khumalo Drops A Bombshell On Cyril Ramaphosa

People in Mzansi are not gripping the deception and lies this time, with many dropping their support for the party and others openly shaming corrupt leaders and their unremorseful bad behavior. This hasn’t changed the reality that the African National Congress (ANC) has been doing everything possible to encourage South Africans to have high hopes in the ruling party. With all of the recent negative news surrounding the ANC and its comrades, this appears to be necessary.

In an attempt to inspire nationalism and unity, the President stated that we must work together to combat those who seek to destroy our Constitution and democracy.  Anyone who seeks to damage our democracy and deny the South African people their hard-won freedom must be protected from our Constitution, democratic state, and electoral process.”

However, the campaign for independence appears to be getting more realistic as superstars from the music and film industries come forward to support the cause. Kelly Khumalo, a South African singer, actress, and dancer, is one of them.

The mother of two, who was born in KwaZulu-Natal, turned to twitter to answer to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s message, which challenged him to explain what democracy is when many people are hungry, crimes are on the rise, and political corruption is on the rise. According to her,

“Sir, Mr. President, What does democracy mean if we are hungry, jobless, and have a high rate of adolescent pregnancies, not to mention the high rate of crime, gender-based violence, and misappropriation of government funds? Are we truly liberated? Alternatively, freedom is being utilized to mask the realities of our country.”

Thousands of South Africans gathered to the tweet to criticize Zuma for allowing so much instability to disrupt the country, with the majority referring to the unsolved case of Senzo Robert Meyiwa’s murder. He was a South African professional footballer who played goalkeeper for the Orlando Pirates. On October 26, 2014, he was shot and killed in a robbery.

Here are some of the responses:  “We’ve been awakened, and we don’t accept any of your comments, Sir, because we know Corporations bought you the presidency, and you’re now serving their interests.”

“There is no freedom here, only cadre enrichment.”

“No one was arrested for the crime that resulted to Senzo’s death. We are in desperate need of justice.”

“The denial of a child’s right to have a relationship with their other parent leads to teen pregnancy, crime, and GBV.”

“By the age of 36, you are no longer eligible for government employment.

They are creating a 65-year-old person with a thinking face.”

“The crime rate has gotten out of hand. We still don’t know who killed Senzo Meyiwa eight years later, and Sam Meyiwa died a heartbroken man.”

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