Natasha Thahane Dragged For Supporting Sjava

Natasha Thahane Dragged For Supporting Sjava

Natasha Thahane had us reaching for tissues when she posted a video of herself rehearsing a poem she said she found from Facebook. The beautiful isiZulu poem is titled “Ngifihlani Mina” which translates to ‘What Am I Hiding,’ and was performed by the beautiful actress, spoke about a married woman being abused by her marital family.

Many could look beyond her beauty and actually listen to the poem and cannot help but shack a tear or two. The woman speak about the abuse she suffers at the hands of her mother-in-law who abuses her son’s wife as she cannot bear children and is unemployed. The name calling is too heavy to bear but she has to save face so her own family can survive and not go to bed on an empty stomach.

The beautiful and powerful message became an immediate tear jerker because of the background music which is Sjava’s hit single Ikhandlela. Team Lady Zamar, as many have grouped themselves, could not even go pass the first few seconds of the video as soon as the Sjava song started playing.

As a person who has been heavily criticized in public and labelled a sexual abuser, Sjava has been cancelled by many. Even though the rape case against him, which was opened by Lady Zamar has been thrown out by the NPA, many are still resolute that he is guilty. These accusations were made public almost two years ago, but still continue to hang around Sjava, but somehow his career has not suffered a knock. The muso’s latest offering Umsebenzi is climbing the charts and is doing very well.

Natasha got dragged when she included Sjava’s music in her poem because of the accusations which will keep controlling him for a very long time. A tweep criticised Natasha and told her to choose a different song, “the irony in this video – you’re reading a poem about GBV while playing a perpetrator’s song in the background. Makes your monologue redundant. Try again and this time, choose a different song. Tnx.”

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