Nomzamo Mbatha Does Not Want A Man

Nomzamo Mbatha Does Not Want A Man

On one end we have a couple that is madly in love and has just decided to take their relationship to the final level – we are referring to AKA and Nelli Tembe. Then on one end we have a celebrity who was deeply in love with his new bae but had his heartbroken when that same man oozed him – that is of course Lasizwe.

Relationships can be time consuming as they require people to invest in them so they can enjoy the benefits that come with healthy relationships. With our girl being booked and busy she, does not have time to be dealing with all of that so she steers clear away from men. She has one of her major projects in the pipeline with the movie Coming 2 America and is set to premier in a few weeks’ time.

Speaking to Isolezwe, Nomzamo Mbatha says dating is the last thing on her mind right now as she is focused on her career and making the most out of her stay in the Unites States. She is also focused on getting the bag so having a boyfriend right now will probably make her mistake it.

On the film she plays the character of Mirembe and explains who that woman is what role she plays on the film. “Mirembe is a lady that is proud of her culture and she also respects her roots. If I look at this character, there are certain similarities between her and I because I am also a woman who loves her past and upbringing. People will see a different side of me and my versatility in this film,” she told the publication.

Nomzamo has dated actor and businessman Maps Maponyane and had her heartbroken by him. The couple split back in 2018 after rumours spun around that the break up was due to Maponyane allegedly cheating on Nomzamo, with a well-known Cape Town slay queen.

We thought their break up was just another normal break up however there seems to be more to the story and Nomzamo does not mind spilling the beans on her former lover, “Not now. Not ever. Masego, stop taking advantage of my silence and choice to be graceful through it all. Shake this can one more time and I’ll open it.” she replied.

Their relationship also got another spotlight when Nomzamo pretended to not know what heartbreak is. When a fan asked her how to deal with heartbreak, Nomzamo replied and poked fun at the fan. The actress responded and said “We are strong, we are moving” she further asked what heartbreak is, and whether it is a shopping mall or a street.

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