Nosipho Want To Bring Down Nkunzi, See What Nkunzi Will Do To Her

Nosipho Want To Bring Down Nkunzi, See What Nkunzi Will Do To Her

Since her mother left the show her life is even more complicated. Nkunzi is treating her life she is a nobody. She no longer cares about her. He is selfish. He cares about himself. He quickly forgets about the sacrifices that she made for him. He only cares about her when it’s benefiting him. If he sees that he is not going to benefit then he no longer cares.

Nosipho is always there and she is doing her job very well. Nkunzi does not appreciate her,he always wants to hurt her feelings. He does not care about her anymore. Nosipho is on her own. She has to fight to survive. The people she thought that they are her family treat her like an outsider. She feels like she does not belong to them anymore.

She decided that for her to have peace she has to take down Nkunzi. She decided to work with the police. The police always wanted Nkunzi but they fail to arrest him because he is too much power. Nosipho tried to make him confess his sins to the cops. As always they will fail to arrest him. Nkunzi is a bull that is not easy to kill. If he found out that she is betraying him things will be worse for her.

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