Ntsiki Mazwai Says South African Men Have Small Penises

Ntsiki Mazwai Says South African Men Have Small Penises

Provocative and outspoken SA musician Ntsiki Mazwai, does not get tired of being on the firing line with the masses. Even though some of her conservative fans think she is funny, some can easily take offense from her hot tweets. The musician found herself trending again when she said South African men, have small penises.

I’m not sure whether it’s the lockdown but Ntsiki has doubled up her game. At first, it was president Ramaphosa the lady attacked.  She wrote an open letter to him then after that she told him that the solidarity funds cannot be donated to corrupt individuals and further demanded to know where the funds were going.

And now, she has attacked Malema of which is nothing new but attacking SA men… we just didn’t see that one coming. As usual, Ntsiki took to her twitter to write her mind, and in her exact words she said: “I find that South African men are generally small sized penis men….”

Tweeps dragged her for her tweets and said, she probably serviced all the South African men.




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