Papa Penny Is Labeled As A Toxic Husband

Papa Penny Is Labeled As A Toxic Husband

Papa Penny Ahee viewers are once again labeling him as a toxic husband who continues to disrespect his wife. If it is not the side chicks he usually entertains in his show, his treatment towards his wife is always glanced.

Every episode births a new remark Mzansi has on the star and his family and this week was no different. Even though he is praised for being impenitent and in tune with his culture, he still believes in practices where matriarchal is a rule. All of which is deeply displayed in his reality show.

He got called all sorts of names after this week’s episode of his reality show when he booked himself a business class flight while his wife and child stayed the economy flight. Social media made jokes about the incident however majority of them believes Papa Penny is toxic and slightly abusive toward his wife.

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