Phindile Gwala Exposed By A Young Women

Phindile Gwala Exposed By A Young Women

Phindile Gwala is in hot water as a young woman has named and shamed her for attacking her and damaging her phone last night night at Cubana night club. It seems the actress wanted to keep a low profile and didn’t want anyone taking pictures or videos of her. A girl who was also at Cubana says she was standing outside the club about to go home and was busy taking videos of herself while waiting for her ride, Phindi assumed the girl was actually taking videos of her.

Phindi allegedly shouted to her friend “there is another one”, they run down upon the girl, took her phone, deleted the videos and scratched the girl’s face.

Last night I went to Cubana in Pmb, walked out when they were about to close and like I was doing the whole night I…

Posted by Nompilo Beryl Mkhize on Friday, April 9, 2021


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