Pics! Man Who Made Lucy Diale Pregnant Revealed

Pics! Man Who Made Lucy Diale Pregnant Revealed

Manaka Ranaka popularly known as Lucy Diale on the most famous South African TV Soapie named Generations: The Legacy has publicly announced that she’s expecting a baby few weeks from now. The 41-year-old actress and TV personality has made a name for herself in the acting industry, she started way back in the 2000s era and appeared on local dramas such as Gaz Lam as well as Tshisa, and on Isidingo.

With her possible of acting, she has still been able to give the perfect show required by the producers and directors till today, not minding the fact that she’s on her early 40s with two beautiful daughters already. Manaka Ranaka has been open with her love life and hasn’t been afraid to be honest to other people on how she is enjoying being a single mother, luckily she hasn’t experienced any abuse through those relationships she had with the fathers of her daughters like most single parents of modern days are.

Ever since she announced being pregnant, the social media and her followers have been asking themselves who might be the father of the third born, well if it was a test most would have failed. Manaka has been private with whom she is currently dating and one would even think she’s single but not at all. She has been posting her man on Instagram with sweet captions, though she hasn’t yet admitted that it’s her man, everyone just assumes it’s the actual man that might’ve got her pregnant.

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