Principal Impregnated A Grade 10 Learner

Principal Impregnated A Grade 10 Learner

One thing that never stop to amaze about a lot of us as the people of South Africa is how innocent we are when we are still on the process of job hunting and in the first few months of employment. But as soon as we get what we want we turn out to be the worst employees who are always on the bad side of the code of conduct and policies.

For example, It is no secret that taking bribes from a person who is wrong is a criminal offence but our officials do it as if there is nothing wrong with it even though they know very well that accepting those bribes can sometimes cost them their jobs.

According to the law it is an offence for a teacher to have a romantic relationship with a learner regardless of weather it is outside the school yard or not .But truly speaking many teachers out there are doing it and getting away with it the very same way other people in other fields do bad things and get away with it.

This is very bad because teachers and principals are like the second parents away from home to learners and with them being assistant parents they are the ones who should be helping this kids build their futures not delay them with teenage pregnancies.

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