Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Shocked South African’s when Asking His Followers Money During Lockdown.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Shocked South African’s when Asking His Followers Money During Lockdown.

Social media has reacted with shock to scandalous Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s video in which he tells his followers to pay their tithes and offerings. The prophet shared a 27seconds video on social media. In the video, he put church bank details on the screen.

He said “You are saying it’s a Sunday and I cannot go without my offering. There’s a church account I’m putting on the screen right now. I want you to put your offering in the church account. Put your seed, put your tithe, don’t hesitate don’t listen to the devil. Don’t listen to what people say. Don’t listen to what your mind says. Listen to what God says…”

Following this, in another section, he then is shown printing out proof of payment from those who sent gave a tithe and offering along with a WhatsApp number where they can send their proof of payments to.

The Twitter streets were however again left speechless since many people are struggling financially due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis globally. They attack him with others saying he should donate the money for COVID-19 instead of asking money from poor people, with others calling him selfish. “It would’ve have been nice if he donated money not this thing of sulking people’s lives who are about to lose their jobs in a few weeks, “said Twitter user.

After the reaction, ECG Church released a statement regarding, saying that this was part of a global fundraiser to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. “The Prophet intends to raise more money from willing well-wishers across the globe; the money needed to buy ventilators, face masks, gloves and hand sanitizers which will be given freely to any place where it’s needed,” said Ephraim Nyondo, Prophet Bushiri’s spokesperson.

In addition, saying that ECG Church has over 10 000 employees need to be paid salaries, allowances and the organization has bills, fees, and rentals at its throwing away. The church said it had at no time demanded his followers to give money, but that those willing to give will be.



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