RGB Presenter Samora Mangesi Attempted Suicide

RGB Presenter Samora Mangesi Attempted Suicide

Real Goboza’s presenter Samora Mangesi is getting open about his battle with suicidal thoughts. The presenter courageously opened up about his history with depression on Monday. He admitted that he has tried to take his own life while listening to Tasha Cobbs!.

The presenter who is doubling up both radio and television also acknowledged his friends for saving his life, including checking up on him during the time he tried to take his own life. “Sjoe… so very few people know this but… A few years ago I tried to commit suicide whilst listening to Tasha Cobbs. Last night I could see my friends’ eyes widen as I played that very same album. Lucky to be spending this lockdown with people who literally saved my life,” Samora Mangesi wrote on twitter.

“Oh, literally is literally. They were there then too and they physically checked up on me every single day for weeks to make sure I was alive. These are the very same people who are the first to be there every time I get myself into trouble (and that’s a lot) no questions asked,” he added on his heartlessly honest post.

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