Rhythm City Nandi Attempts Suicide

Rhythm City Nandi Attempts Suicide

Nandi like her daughter; Zinhle isn’t strong enough to handle heartbreak. She couldn’t even handle her separation from Khulekani without cutting her wrists. She might look more together than Ziyanda but she has deep psychological issues that she hasn’t addressed yet.

So, when she finds out that her husband is her sister’s ex-boyfriend and baby daddy, she’s going to go airborne. It won’t be enough that these two dated but that they have a son together? A son who look like her late son, who was killed by her husband?

Get ready for the real Nandi because the sweet, kind, and innocent Nandi that we’ve been seeing is going to be a thing of the past. She will definitely go through with the divorce this time around and go back to Suffocate. Before that, she’ll attempt suicide and land in the hospital like her daughter and go to some mental ward.

They’ll judge her and she’ll take anti-depressants because Nandi is actually easily broken and she needs a good man like Suffocate not a demonic monster like Khulekani.  I don’t think Ziyanda will get back together with Khulekani because Khulekani doesn’t want a woman who is as intelligent as he is.

He’s attracted to weak women who see the non-existent good side of him like Nandi. Ziyanda is a realist and sees the real Khulekani. The only thing Ziyanda wants is for her son to have both parents. Khulekani isn’t going to walk away from his son because he’s always wanted a son like his late son.  He wants someone to take over his empire and his daughter isn’t fit enough to take over.

Zak is going to finally have what he’s always wanted at his aunt’s; Nandi’s expense. Zinhle is going to be excited to have a brother again because she lost her best friend when her brother died and hasn’t been the same.

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