Rhythm City October New Character: Ziyanda And Khulekani Son Joins The Show To Couse Troubles

Rhythm City October New Character: Ziyanda And Khulekani Son Joins The Show To Couse Troubles

Bohlokwa Mpiti will join the Ngobese clan, his wife Nandi, and their daughter; Zinhle in October to play Ziyanda’s son. Ziyanda is played by former Isidingo actress; Linda Sokhulu. Ziyanda is a businesswoman and a Sangoma who also runs the Nine9 Radio station.

Her son who was never mentioned in the story doesn’t know who his father is and will be in search of his father on the show. He is also Zinhle’s cousin, who lost a brother a while back. The whole family is dishonest because Ziyanda was also introduced to us as a lesbian but now we find out she dated her sister’s ex-husband a few years ago. It looks like the reason she’s a lesbian is that Khulekani hurt her deeply and we have no idea why they broke up yet.

Nandi has no idea that the reason her sister hates her husband is that she has a history with him and broke her heart. She decided not to tell her sister because they were not always close when they were growing up and wants to keep the peace.

Ziyanda’s son will be a great addition to the clan for Zinhle because she misses her brother. Khulekani will be happy to meet him when he finds out because he’s the reason that Nandi’s son is dead.

This disclosure will definitely break-up Nandi and Khulekani’s marriage as it’s already stony from Nandi and Suffocate’s affair.  The two hardly got back together last week and Nandi just moved back to their house to repair their marriage.

Ziyanda has kept this secret from everyone in her life; her son, (brother-in-law and baby-daddy) Khulekani, and her sister.

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