Sangoma Reveals Why Zodwa Wabantu Has Bad Luck

Sangoma Reveals Why Zodwa Wabantu Has Bad Luck

A Soweto Sangoma has told the Daily Sun that Zodwa Wabantu will have bad luck until she deals with the mistake she made two years ago. Sangoma, Mtimande Ngwenya said Zodwa carried an ishoba when she visited Sangomas in KZN, which is a forbidden.

Ngwenya said an ishoba is only carried by Sangomas at a certain stage and not just by anyone. To address the problem, Zodwa will have to slaughter a cow as part of rituals to apologies.

According to Daily Sun – Sangoma Beauty Mabaso advised Zodwa to stop being stubborn and take their advice. “She’ll wish she was dead when bad things start happening to her. She has to apologize,” she said. “That’s the only way she’ll be forgiven by ancestors. Otherwise, a dark cloud is coming her way.”

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