Sassa Grant R350 To R580 Basic Income, See Who Will Qualify

Sassa Grant R350 To R580 Basic Income, See Who Will Qualify

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When the covid-19 pandemic hit South Africa in 2020, the president had to implement a hard lockdown and he understood the kind of negative impact this will have on everyone, including the economy. So he provided financial assistance, also introduced the R350 unemployment grant for every unemployed individual.

The grant continued until this year in April, but sadly it had to come to an end. Now everyone who benefitted from that grant is sadly left stranded and with no money since we all know that the unemployment rate is also high in  South Africa. People and unions have been calling for the Grant to be extended and increased.

It was since said the matter is being discussed. Therefore, the Minister of social development has finally spoken. She has stated that the grant might come into effect soon, and this will be available for individuals between the ages of 19-59.

Sassa is currently holding discussions with the cabinet in Parliament and the president. The minister has said that the grant will come into effect, but it will not be called an unemployment grant anymore but rather income for poor and unemployed people who qualify for the grant.

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