Scandal Actor Simo Finds Himself In Trouble

Scandal Actor Simo Finds Himself In Trouble

Scandal actor Sandile Mahlangu found himself in a scandal when a woman leaked his private response. However, the actor took it upon himself to set the record straight, this after the screenshots of his violent response made rounds on social media. A lady who claims that the Scandal actor hooked up with her at the club and ghosted her said she decided to slide in Sandile’s DMs but she was slapped with a violent response.

She wrote: “Yeah I met Sandile Mahlangu at the club, we hooked up then he ghosted me and blocked my number so I decided to slide in his IG DM and this is the savage response I got.”

Sandile took to his Facebook account to rubbish the claims. He said the story is a lie. saying that he wrote that response because the person had responded disrespectfully on his IG story. “The stories circulating on Social Media are a lie, this human being, commented in an extremely disrespectful way about my family on a story I posted about my baby sister’s birthday. I responded the way I did, they then took the screenshots of my response and created some bullsh* story around it. Ask yourself why they only have my response and not the entire conversation?”

The actor’s response that was shared by the lady read: “You are sad and all that energy that you have pent up in your upset little fragile heart will be the reason why you stay beneath my shoe. You weren’t even worth this response. I just wanted to give you the newsflash that you don’t matter and me knowing that you’ll read this and realize just how pathetic you are, gives me all the joy…Heal. ‘Seen’ my job here is done, now I’ll block you and I will forget your existence like you were a pimple.”

Even though many of Sandile’s followers believe that he is telling the truth some are questioning why did he not also share the screenshots of the comment that the girl made about his family while others encouraged him to not pay attention to people who want to ruin his reputation

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