Scandal Fans React To Last Night Episodes

Scandal Fans React To Last Night Episodes

Scandal is a South African soapie that plays on etv weekdays at 7:30 pm. The show has been airing for years now, but still keep people on the edge of their seats. Their storyline keeps viewers entertained and they hardly complain.

The current storyline is focused on a cop (Bohang) who was in a relationship with a lady (Seipati) that he used to abuse. He has now followed her to where she is, and he has started showing off his true colors. He started off by stalking her, and warmed up his way into her heart, and house again.

He performed a house robbery to get the lady to think that her life was under threat. He then made sure that whoever is close to her is either threatened, or sent away. She has now started noticing, and he has practically moved into her place, and has started controlling her. How do you think it’s going to end for Bohang and Seipati?

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