Scandal : Jojo Falls In Love And Marries Dintle

Scandal: Jojo Falls In Love And Marries Dintle

revealed and everything will be clear to Jojo.

Now Jojo has turned his back on the Kubeka family and is ready to help Dintle get the justice she deserves for the death of Quinton Nyathi.

In the process of exposing his family and helping Dintle get justice, the two will have a strong bond together and once Jojo’s marriage crumbles Dintle will be there to comfort her and that’s how the two fall in love.

Remember when Dintle was doing her documentary about Kubeka’s company. Jojo proved to be her soft spot and that will play a bigger role in them getting together.

Scandal : Jojo Falls In Love And Marries Dintle

Mbali will try to pin Jojo with her sister’s baby but it will not work as the family will likely fight to get full custody of the baby on grounds that they raped him.

Keep watching Scandal! On etv to see how the drama unfolds. The soapie is so unpredictable and everything is possible.

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