Scandal – Sisters Mbali and Winnie are stopping at nothing to get what they both want

Scandal – Sisters Mbali and Winnie are stopping at nothing to get what they both want

Ever since Winnie (Fundiswa Ngcobo) moved into the Kubeka mansion to help take care of her biological child – that her sister Mbali (Nolwazi Shange) pretended to carry after Mbali tricked her husband

Jojo Kubeka (Melusi Mbele) into having sex with sister Winnie – Jojo has been adamant about not giving Winnie false hope of a possible future together.

Despite the attraction between Winnie and Jojo – he knows now about their night of passion and that she’s the mother to his child – big sis Mbali will make sure Jojo stays hers, even if she must pretend she has changed.


Mbali saves the day at the Kubeka family business, Uthulli Waste, but her hubby’s reaction is not quite what she was hoping for.

She steps in for one of the cashiers, but you’ll see there is more to it than that. Jojo’s reaction is fitting for the situation, but it’s not one that Mbali is quite happy with.

Winnie also manages to wiggle out of a hairy situation – only to learn that Mbali may have discovered a medical intervention that could bring their deceitful house of cards tumbling down.

The discovery alarms Mbali; it’s an unconventional one, but also commonly used by black women. It might be the answer to all her problems.

Could this mean a new baby for Mr and Mrs Kubeka from Mbali’s womb this time?

Mbali might seem like she has everyone’s interests at heart and are the supporting, loving wife – until an unlikely force goes to war with her.

Mbali has always had a talent for plotting to get her way; this time the tables are turned on her by a person she least expected.


When these sisters aren’t at each other’s throats about who gets the man and child, they’re fighting their own personal battles.

While Mbali is in the middle of a war, her sister panics when things take a turn for the worst.

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