Shona Ferguson is leaving The Queen

Shona Ferguson is leaving The Queen

In a move that has left many speechless and confused, Shona Ferguson has announced that he will not be appearing on our TV screen as The Queen’s Jerry Maake with immediate effect. Season 5 of The Queen is currently shooting and ecstasy absence of Jerry Maake will be clearly visible as he is one of the main actors. The Ferguson’s have confirmed that Jerry Maake will be leaving The Queen.

The Fergusons pass on the statement to TshisaLive where they announced the exit and also cleared the air regarding Dineo Langa’s alleged firing. Not willing to give out too much information on the details of his exit as they want to maintain that portion of surprise.


Executive producer Connie Ferguson said that Dineo Langa’s character ‘Kea Khoza’s exit will bring many and exiting kinks and turns. The same way Jerry’s leaving will inject new life’ to the community of Tembisa.

“We can’t speak about how we exit the characters because that element of surprise is important. What we can say is that the exit of the character Kea is what ignites the series of events that follow, and propels the main story arc for season 5. Jerry will also be exiting the show. New life will be injected in the Tembisa world, with a lot of plot twists and surprises” said Connie.

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