Simphiwe Ngema Show Off Her Weight Loss Journey Progress

Simphiwe Ngema Show Off Her Weight Loss Journey Progress

A lot of women get on weight loss journeys after giving birth. It’s never an easy journey, but if you are as determined as Simphiwe Ngema, you can definitely make it. The talented actress, gave birth a few months ago, but she has already lost most of the baby fat.

Simphiwe began her fitness journey with Supavite, a brand that she is the face of. Though there are temptations here and there, Simphiwe, has been sticking to a healthy diet. She also drinks plenty of water, and exercises daily. “Pic on the left is me now, pic on the right is when I started my fitness journey. @supavite we are getting somewhere been having the @supavite instant meal every morning, drinking 3litres of water per day, doing 800skips and 400steps. I’m honestly still struggling with my diet,” she said


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