Skeem Saam Actor Baby-Maker Returns, Here Is What To Expect

Skeem Saam Actor Baby-Maker Returns, Here Is What To Expect

Skeem Saam actor Bongani Masondo, famously known as Baby-maker will be returning to the drama series this week, Friday 23 July 2021, after disappearing from our screens for almost five years

When he left, many of the SkeemSam supporters and lovers thought he will never come back again to Screen. Surprisingly he is coming back to SkeemSam again after a big role he played on SkeemSam. You can’t be a fan of this popular TV show and don’t love him at all, it’s highly impossible, he is an entertaining fan.

It’s expected that now many of his supporters who were no longer watching Skeem sam will again return back to watching. As they are gonna be interested in watching him play again, most especially taking over from where he left in the field of play or in SkeemSam. It’s a very important task to him

Skeem Saam Actor Baby-Maker Returns

Since baby maker left. It’s a clear fact that there were so many people who were forming part of his life from time to time. Starting from Lelo Mthiyane who was part of the parental hood of Lelo and Babymaker from time to time. Not clear where they will get back together or not.

It’s a known fact that when Babymaker was still Around in SkeemSam, they had a very close relationship with Elizabeth. From all the things happening and Kwaito not being sure who to marry, it’s also expected that he can end up reaching a point where he will go back to Elizabeth due to jealousy.

Skeem Saam Actor Baby-Maker Returns

It’s clear things will continue to be complicated. On the other hand, his return comes with the announcement of a new actor. And it all appears that his name of being a baby maker still exists and dwells in him. His spirit of playing girls and having so many girlfriends still exists in him on a timely basis.

It’s a great move from the Writers of SkeemSam, they are about to make the show very much exciting once again. I think it’s high time as South African citizens we give the show the support it currently deserves in the meantime. We must support it unconditionally as many other shows on TV

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