Skeem Saam Actor Meneer Manaka Is Arrested

Skeem Saam Actor Meneer Manaka Is Arrested

Skeem Saam’s Skhumbuzo Mbatha who plays the role of the gentle, loving, caring, and kind educator; Meneer Manaka was wrongfully arrested this weekend after giving a wicked woman a ride to her place. Mbatha like his character on Skeem is a gentle, drama-free man who just helped the wrong person at the wrong time.

He posted a long and sad post on his Facebook that explains how he got arrested:  “I am at Jeppe Police Station, I hate it. I should not be here, it should not have happened. I don’t like drama and have always tried to avoid it with all my might.”

The actor was invited to a party on Sunday. During the parties, he interacted with a woman who seemed like she didn’t want to be there. He pitied her as she’d come with other people to the party and didn’t want to be a party pooper by requesting to leave earlier.

Mbatha decided to leave when he got exhausted from the parties. When he started the car, the lady in question asked for a ride home. Mbatha agreed and on their way home, the lady asked him to stop at another party and he agreed again.

Turns out the lady went there to destroy someone’s car with a brick. She also scratched the car with a metal plate. She heard that her husband went to another party with some woman, apparently a ‘side chick’. Mbatha never asked her questions when she entered his car because he didn’t think much of the situation.

The police traced Mbatha’s home address by using his car plates. They assumed he’s an assistant to the lady he gave a ride to. It is unclear if Mbatha is released from jail or whether he was posting his status from his home as he hadn’t updated his whereabouts yet.

Read the status here:

I am at Jeppe Police station👮‍♂️, I hate it😩. I should not be here, it should not have happened. I don’t like drama and…

Posted by Skhumbuzo Mbatha on Monday, November 23, 2020


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