Skeem saam actress: Elizabeth Thobakgale is pregnant

Skeem saam actress: Elizabeth Thobakgale is pregnant


Amanda Manku well known as Elizabeth Thobakgale on skeem saam, she just revealed good news on social media

We have been asking ourselves what happened to her character on skeem saam because it has been months since we saw her on skeem saam , only to find out that she is expecting,

fans showed a happy feeling when she broke the news today

She further said “Then God said: Let there be light and there was light. Genesis 1:3. The best gift from the one I love.”

This must be very exciting for her, that feeling you get when there is a little  baby growing inside you, first baby, first experience,every thing will be new to her, of course there will be challenges but as strong she is she will pull through

We wish her all the best!!!

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