Skeem Saam: Did Clement Just Commit Suicide?, Find Out Here

Skeem Saam: Did Clement Just Commit Suicide?, Find Out Here

The show has been serving nothing but drama this year and we are here for all of it. Several dramatic events unfolded in past episodes, from Kwaito finding out that he shares a father with his best friend, Pretty, and Lehasa’s entanglement, and now Mjolo is showing Clement no mercy.

He just experienced his first heartbreak. Last week he left Turf in hopes to start a new life in Johannesburg with the love of his life, only to find out later that he is a married man.

After finding out that Tlotliso has been lying to him, Clement had no choice but to go back home. He had lied about his reasons to leave Turf and told his family that he was going on a module trip.

As he finally arrived home, he found the whole family waiting for him to explain himself. This led to a heated exchange with his grandmother Mantuli which resulted in her fainting and being rushed to hospital after Clement reminded her that she hid his uncle’s (Kwaito) father from him for 20 years.

Clement felt guilty for sending his grandmother to the hospital and decided to end his life. However, it is not clear at this point what is going to happen to him.


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